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Welcome to our virtual floating backbar, full of spirits and liqueurs recommended for your imbibing pleasure. We have categorized our collection by type and alphabetically for easy viewing and comparison. Use the buttons to go directly to a category or scroll throughout the entire backbar and savor the experience. The only thing better would be able to taste them while here! Give us time.

Click on any bottle for a closer look—details, tasting notes and a link to their website. You’ll of course also find delicious recommended drink recipes too. Cheers!



Click on Any Vodka Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website

360 VodkaAbsolut CitronAbsolut PearsAbsolut RaspberriAbsolut VaniliaAbsolut Vodka
Anestasia VodkaBear Force VodkaBak's Bison Grass VodkaBlue Ice VodkaBoru Vodka
Crop Organic VodkaCrystal Head VodkaCold River VodkaDeath's Door VodkaDeep Eddy Crandberry Vodka
Double Cross VodkaDutchcraft Small Batch VodkaGrey GooseHard Luck Candy Rootbeer VodkaHangar One Straight
Iceberg Chocolate Mint VodkaIceberg Creme BruleeIceberg Cucumber VodkaIceberge VodkaIMPERIA Vodka
James River Plantation Sweet TeaJewel of Russia VodkaKetel One OranjeKetel One VodkaLEVEL Vodka
Menage a TroisOld Barrel VodkaOval Vodkap.i.n.k. VodkaPinnacle Vodka
Pinnacle Whipped VodkaPlayboy VodkaPunzone VodkaPurity VodkaReal Russian Vodka
Regalia Reyka VodkaRussian Diamond VodkaRussian Standard VodkaSalute American Vodka
SKYY Infusions Blood OrangeSKYY Infusions CherrySKYY All Natural Infusions CoconutSKYY Infusions Dragon FruitSKYY Infusions GingerSKYY Infusions Grape
SKYY Infusions Moscato GrapeSKYY Infusions Passion FruitSKYY Infusions Georgia PeachSKYY Infusions PineappleSKYY Infusions RaspberrySKYY Vodka
SKYY Infusions StrawberrySKYY Infusions VanillaSlovenia VodkaSobeski VodkaSquare One VodkaStoli Elit
Swan's Neck VodkaThree Olives VodkaTito's Handmade VodkaTriple Eight VodkaUltimat VodkaVan Gogh Acai-Blueberry Vodka
Van Gogh Blue VodkaVan Gogh PeachVan Gogh Dutch CaramelVan Gogh Dutch ChocolateVan Gogh Double EspressoVan Gogh Espresso
Van Gogh MangoVan Gogh PomeranateVan Gogh RaspberryVeevVermont GoldVesica Vodka
White TigerYazi Ginger VodkaZing VodkaZodiac VodkaZubrowkaZYR Vodka



Click on Any Liqueur Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website

1921 Tequila Cream LiqueurAgaveroAgwa LiqueurAmarulaBaileys
Barrow's Intense Ginger LiqueurBols Blue CuracaoBrady's Irish Cream LiqueurChristian Brothers Honey LiqueurCeltic Crossing
ChambordClement Creole ShrubbCointreauCombier Liqueur d'OrangeDeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker
DeKuyper Triple SecDimmi LiqueurDomaine de CantonFaretti Biscotti FamosiFernet-Branca
Forbidden SecretFrangelicoGrand MarnierGrand Marnier Cent CinquintenaireGiven Liqueur
GranGalaHARLEMHPNOTIQHPNOTIQ HarmonieJaan Paan Liqueur
JagermeisterKahluaKringle CreamLemon SopranoLimonce
Mandarine Napoleon LiqueurMetcalfe's VermontMidoriPamaPatron Cafe
Patron CitrongePierre Ferrand Dry CuracaoPlymouth SloeRumChataSolerno Blood Orange Liqueur
Southern ComfortSt-GermainStock MaraschinoTarantula AzulTequila Rose
Tippy Cow Orange Cream Rum CreamTravis Hasse's Apple Pie LiqueurTuacaWild Turkey American HoneyX-RATED
ZEN Green Tea Liqueur


Tequilas, Mezcals and Sotols

Click on Any Tequila Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website

Uno TequilaDos TequilaTres Tequila1800 Tequila4 Copas
Abreojos Silver TequilaAga•VieAgave LocoAlqumia Anejo Tequila
Apocalypto Reposado TequilaArrogante Anejo TequilaArta Reposado TequilaAzunia Anejo Tequila
Bracero Anejo TequilaCabo UnoCampeon Silver TequilaCarmessi ReposadoCasamigos Reposado Tequila
Casa Noble AnejoCava de Oro Extra Anejo TequilaCazadoresTequila Celestial Reposado 100% Puro de AgaveCentinela Blanco Tequila
Cielo Rojo BacanoraClase AzulTequila Corralejo BlancoTequila Corralejo ReposadoCorzo Silver Tequila
Crotalo Anejo TequilaCruz del SolDiva TequilaDon Eduardo Tequila
Don Julio 70Don Diego Santa Anejo TequilaDon Pilar Extra AnejoDos ArmadillosDulce Dorado Honey & Vanilla Tequila
Dulce Vida Reposadoel BuhoEl Charroel Jimador ReposadoEl Jimador Blanco
El Mayor Blanco TequilaEl Tesoro ParadisoEl Tesoro PlatinumEspolon Reposado TequilaExcellia Reposado Tequila
Gran Centenario Anejo TequilaGran PatronHacienda de ViejoHerencia Anejo TequilaHerradura Silver Tequila
Huizache Silver TequilaJose Cuervo BlackJose Cuervo EspecialJose Cuervo Reserva de la FamiliaJose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Platino
Jose Cuervo TradicionalKah Anejo TequilaLa Pinta Pomegranate-Infused TequilaLos Siete Misterios MezcalLunazul
Luna Malvada ReposadoLuna Nueva AnejoMaestro Dobel DiamondMagave Anejo Tequila
Mexican Moonshine Reposado TequilaMilagro SelectMilagroMontalvo Silver TequilaMuerto reposado Tequila
Nobleza Azul BlancoNumber JuanOcho Cientos SotolOro Azul ReposadoPartida Anejo Tequila
Patrida BlancoPartida ElegentePartida Reposado TequilaPatron AnejoPeligroso
Penasco Reposado TequilaPueblo ViejoPueblo Viejo Orgullo AnejoPuerto Vallarta AnejoRey Sol Extra Anejo Tequila
Regional Reposado TequilaRiazul Anejo TequilaSacrificio MezcalSan Matias Gran ReservaSauza Hornitos
Tarantula 100 TequilaTres Agaves ReposadoSauze Tres Generaciones AnejoSauza Tres Generaciones PlataSenor Rio Anejo Tequila
Siete Leguas BlancoScorpion Mezcal AnejoScorpion MezcalScorpion Tobala Mezcal
Sol de Mexicot1 Anejo Tequliat1 Blanco TequilaTears of LloronaTecnico Reposado Tequila
Tequila Corazon BlancoTequila Corazon ReposadoTequila OchoWild Shot Silver MezcalZignum


Rums and Cachaças

Click on Any Rum Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website

Atlantico Reserva RumBacardi SuperiorBlackbeard Spiced RumBlackheartBlue Chair Bay White Rum
Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced RumBrugalCabana CachacaCaliche RumClement Rhum
Cockspur Fine RumCruzaon 9 Spiced RumCruzan Light RumCruzan Mango RumCruzan Pineapple Rum
Cruzan Single BarrelDeadhead RumDictador 12DonQ Gran Anejo Puerto Rican RumFlor de Cana
Gosling's Black Seal RumHook's Caribbean Spiced RumKahakai Tiki Spiced RumKirk & SweeneyKraken Spiced Rum
Matusalem RumMount Gay RumPapa's Pilar Blonde RumPapa's Pilar Dark RumPlantation 3 Stars Rum
Plantation Grande Reserve 5 Year Old Barbados RumPusser's Naval RumPusser's 15 Year Old RumPyrat RumThe Real McCoy 5 year old Rum
Rhum BarbancourtRon Barcelo ImperialEl Ron ProhibidoRon Viejo de CaldasRon Viejo de Caldas Gran Reserva
Rum ToucanoSailor Jerry Spiced RumSammy's Beach Bar RumSelvarey RumTaildragger Amber Rum
Tanduay Silver RumTiburon RumZafra 21 Years Old Master Reserve RumZaya



Click on Any Whiskey Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website

Angel's Envy Finished RyeAngel's EnvyBalvenieCanadian ClubChivas
ClontarfThe Dalmore 12 Years OldDeanston Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12Death's Door White WhiskeyDewar's "White Label" Blended Scotch Whisky
DUKE Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyEarly TimesElijah Craig 12 Year OldEvan Williams Single Barrel 2000 Vintage Dated Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyFour Roses Small Batch
Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyGlenfiddichGlenfiddich 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyGlengoyne 15 Single MaltGlenmorangieGlenrothes
Hudson Manhattan WhiskeyJ.R. Ewing BourbonJailers Premium Tennessee WhiskeyIsle of JuraJim Beam Black
Jim BeamKnappogueKnob CreekLarcenyMaker's 46
Maker's MarkMasterson's WhiskeyMichter's Straight Rye WhiskyMickey Finn Irish AppleMonkey Shoulder Reserve Malt Scotch Whisky
Old Forester BirthdayOld Tahose Rye WhiskeyPendleton Blended Canadian WhiskyPlatte Valley Moonshine 100% Straight Corn WhiskeyPrichard's Tennessee Whiskey
Redemption Rye WhiskeyRittenhouseRussell's Reserve RyeRussell's Reserve 10 Years OldSinfire Cinnamon Whisky
Stranahan's Colorado WhiskeyTap 357 Canadian Maple RyeTempleton Rye Small Batch WhiskeyTincup Colorado American WhiskeyTriple Crown Whiskey
Trybox New Series Rye WhiskeyTullamore Dew Irish WhiskeyWild Turkey 81 BourbonWild Turkey 81 RyeWild Turkey 101


Brandies, Piscos and Cognacs

Click on Any Brandy Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website

Alto de CarmenBarSol Pisco QubrantaCampo de Encanto PiscoCapel Premium PiscoCardenal Mendoza
Conjure CognacHennessyLaird's ApplejackLouis Royer 53
Original Gangster XO French BrandyPierre Ferrand 1840Pierre Ferrand Ambre CognacPisco Patron
Remy Martin XOSingani 63


Gins and Genevers

Click on Any Gin Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website

Bluecoat GinBols GeneverBombay SapphireBoodles GinBrockmans Gin
Broker's London Dry GinBULLDOGCitadelle GinCold River Traditional GinDeath's Door Gin
Farmer's Organic GinFifty Pounds GinG'Vine GinGabriel Boudier Saffron Infused GinHendrick's Gin
Magellen GinMayfair London Dry GinMartin's Miller GinNolet's Silver GinPlymouth Gin
Right GinUncle Val's GinZephyr Black Gin



Click on Any Aperitif Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website

AvernaCampariCarpano AnticaDubonnetLillet



Click on Any Absinthe Bottle for Details, Tasting Notes and a Link to Their Website