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Ultimat Vodka

Ultimat Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

When Pablo Picasso was asked what three things astonished him most, his answer was, "the blues, cubism and Polish vodka." One of the finest and most innovative Polish spirits to cross our borders is Ultimat Vodka. A few sips of this brilliantly flavored vodka and you'll understand why Picasso was astonished.

Ultimat Vodka is crafted at the Polmos distillery in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. It is made from a distinctive mash comprised of 70% potato and 30% wheat and rye. Each constituent ingredient contributes to the finished product's bouquet and taste profile. The vodka is then meticulously filtered to remove all trace impurities and then bottled at 80-proof.

This is a luxurious, flavor imbued spirit. Even sampled at room temperature the vodka is completely devoid of excess heat and imparts a lively, semisweet bouquet. It has an oily textured, silky smooth body and a marvelously flavorful palate. Perhaps its best quality is a long, relaxed finish.

The brand has undergone growth of late. Ultimat Black Cherry Flavored Vodka is made from Ultimat Vodka macerated with fresh cherries. It's crystal clear and medium-weight, with a prominent aroma of cherry blossoms. The vodka rolls over the palate filling the mouth with the dry and thoroughly satisfying flavor of black cherries and spice.

Also new to the range is Ultimat Chocolate Vanilla Flavored Vodka. True to its name, the vodka is an unfettered blend of chocolate and vanilla, ideally suited for use in drink making.